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             “I have known Esteban Anastasio for over ten years. During that time he has been a constant source of inspiration. His easy going personality and his musical expertise have made him one of my most valued friends and colleagues. We first met as graduate students while studying music together at Georgia State University. Even then his technical prowess on the guitar was unparalleled by any other guitarist that I personally knew at that time. I have watched his skill and musical understanding grow and evolve over the years. His interest in a multitude of musical styles has influenced his playing in a way that distinguishes him from most guitarists. This has made Esteban uniquely qualified as a teacher of the musical arts.

As a college professor, I have had the pleasure of continuing to work with some of Esteban’s private students. These former students, who have gone on to study at the college level, have consistently shown an advantage over others. Their theoretical and technical understanding is an obvious result of Esteban’s teaching. He instills an awareness of fundamental musical concepts that are important to students of all ages. I always look forward to working with students from Esteban’s studio. I see Esteban Anastasio as one of the most important music teachers in the area.”

Associate Professor of Music and Chair, Young Harris College

 Become A True Musician And Feeling Great Every Time You Pick Up The Guitar







“Esteban has a wide range of musical knowledge and is eager to share it. He seems to enjoy teaching and that alone is engaging.”



“My son always says how much he enjoys his class. He views it as something he gets to do, not has to do. He has choices on how to spend his time. He chooses to spend it going to class and practicing, neither requiring our persuasion.”



“I always enjoyed my lessons with Esteban. He was always smiling and in a good mood. He gave me new things to learn each week and if I had a hard time learning what he gave me he wasn’t hard on me the next week when I asked questions and would help me learn the techniques he had given me.”



“He is very patient and an excellent teacher”



“Although I have recently started with Esteban, the tips and information that he has given me have already made a huge impact on my playing. Much more aware of tone and technique than just trying to play the right notes. I know the info he has passed on to me will be part of my playing for years to come.”



“I have learned a great deal about the guitar from Esteban in the short time I have been taking lessons. My knowledge of music theory and my playing skill grow with each session. Esteban has an eye — and an ear — for detail. Sometimes my left-hand needs a slight adjustment on the neck, or my right thumb needs to be extended more, or my posture is a bit off, or a chord sounds wrong because a finger is not on the correct fret or string. Somehow he sees and hears it all.”



“I was doing some self-teaching but not getting too far. Started taking lessons from Esteban to see if he could help me get to a place where I could play some songs well and make it sound good. Esteban got me to that point, and I was very happy with the progress that I made with his help.”



“As a complete beginner to guitar, I have made a lot of progress which otherwise could have taken double or triple the time. I am learning classical music.”



“Just beginning with guitar in general but focusing on classical/flamenco. Within a short time, I can already feel the improvement in both my right and left-hand technique. As Esteban stresses relaxation/position in all playing I can practice a lot without feeling fatigued.”



“I would certainly recommend Esteban to any level of player. As I mentioned before, he has a lot of great information he is willing to pass on. He has a very easy way about him which makes the lessons enjoyable in a non-threatening environment. I feel very lucky to have found such a good teacher!”



“I would recommend Esteban to anyone who is interested in playing the guitar, regardless of age. He is a fabulous musician, an expert in music theory and practice and is a very caring and sensitive teacher who truly delights in watching his students progress.”



“Esteban is a great teacher! He wants the student to succeed. His method is not tedious and he allows the student to play pieces of their choosing. He explains clearly and plays what you are learning on his instrument. So you can not only learn to read and listen to instruction but you hear things as they are supposed to be played. I would recommend him for learning guitar or ukelele lessons.”



“Yes, I would highly recommend Esteban. He goes out of his way to make the lesson and music choices relevant for my teenager. His love of the guitar and appreciation for music is apparent and has rubbed off on our son.”



“Superb knowledge of music theory which will take one far beyond simply reciting written music.”





Esteban Anastasio Will Help You Reach Your Goals And Get The Results You Want In Your Guitar Playing

  • Do you wish you could play guitar, but feel like you don’t have natural talent?
  • Do you want to finally be able to play real music and stop feeling like a beginner?
  • Are you tired of being stuck at the same level of guitar playing you were at years ago?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then keep reading….

Trying to learn guitar on your own will leave you with missing pieces. You have no road map or directions on how to get to where you want to be. You have no feedback on your playing, so how will you ever know if you’re really doing it right. You have no guidance on how to overcome the obstacles quickly. On top of all of this, most people begin to believe it is their fault they aren’t playing guitar as good as they hoped to. They work hard, get little results, then settle for where they are or even quit.

I can totally relate to how frustrating it can be to learn the guitar!

When I started playing I felt like throwing the guitar against the wall almost every day. I wanted to play, have fun, and sound great, but that’s not what was happening. I’ve reached my goals in playing the guitar and keep learning and striving for new one. I can show you how to play the way that you want to. 

When Should You Start Taking Guitar Lessons? Right Now

Music is a lot of fun and playing music is even more fun. You do not want to miss out on this. By taking guitar lessons with Esteban Anastasio you will…

  • Be inspired and get better fast
  • Become more confident in your playing and yourself
  • Jam with others
  • Be able to play your favorite songs
  • Expand your creativity
  • Invest into something you will have and enjoy for the rest of your life
  • Have tons of FUN!
  • Your first lesson or class is FREE! We invite you to come in for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION guitar lesson or class to 1) get to know me in person, 2) discuss your musical goals and how guitar lessons can help you reach them, 3) discuss all the different components of lessons (options, programs, pricing, etc.), and 4) see if we’re going to be the right fit for each other. If you like what you experience in this lesson, we’ll move forward with regular lessons. If you decide that you’d rather not continue with lessons, no harm done, but I am confident that we will find something that will work for you!

Let’s get started. Click the link below to tell us about yourself and start getting the results you really want in your guitar playing.


I’ve been teaching the guitar professionally for over 20 years.  In that time, I’ve taught at several colleges, an elite private high-school, workshops, guitar summits, been on the road with touring bands, played with orchestras and even earned a Masters Degree in Music.

I’ve probably personally have had over a 1000 STUDENTS and have taught more than 10,000 GUITAR LESSONS. I’ve shared the stage with world famous guitarists, and have studied with a bunch of famous ones as well.

I mentored for years with students of the legendary Andres Segovia,  Most notably Ernesto Bitetti, Christopher Parkening, and the late John Sutherland. Look these guys up if you don’t know about any of them.  

I grew up playing ROCK -N- ROLL and HEAVY METAL, and then moved into studying CLASSICAL GUITAR and playing JAZZ, BLUES, and FLAMENCO STYLES. I have some pretty great stories about some of the masters of these styles I got to mentor with as well.

I love the guitar and playing music and want to show you or your child how to play it really, really well. The benefits of becoming a competent and confident musician are staggering and even if you just play for fun (as most people do) it adds so much to not only your life but to those closest to you. The study of the Arts, whether it is music, dance, visual arts or martial arts, train the body and mind for success and continual self-development. Though the ART OF GUITAR PLAYING it is my mission to help people of all ages to learn to how to create results and reach goals in their lives and move past them. For me, the study of the guitar is personal development through music and will help anyone to learn how to become successful and awesome.

Let me know that you have read this article and I’ll give you a lesson for free and offer you an amazing deal to get you started. I’m starting some new programs and would like to find the right one for you. I’d love to see if we are a good fit. Contact me to get started today!

I will also offer this deal to any REFERRALS that you make to me as well. I’m always looking for new students and word of mouth is always the best form of advertising!

Esteban Anastasio, M.M. Professional Guitarist, and Educator